3 days before i am beginning to compose this note, Emergent Ground Inc sprang into existence as a legal entity.

At some point in the not too distant future, i have to figure out what exactly this corporation will actually do.

For the moment, though i'm going to try not to stress about things remaining sort of vague while i just push forward with various tasks associated with my vision here...

Explaining a little bit about what i imagine could happen is what feels alive right now, so i'm going to give that a shot.

What i'm quite certain of is that i need to know quite a bit more than i currently know in order to figure out what exactly i can contribute to the planet and/or humanity that will be the most efficient and effective use of my time. So a primary early goal of this endeavor is to educate myself, and there may be costs to that undertaking. So tuition, fees and/or gifts to mentors will be some of what this company will be funding.

Hydro power and Rights of Nature are two other aspects of what i want to do.

Also, see this draft message that i was going to send to an email list i started more than a dozen years ago earlier this week. And sorry for not providing more context. Eventually i hopefully will...